Price  $1,599  Sale Price $ 1,499 

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Compare to Osaki 7200, Kahuna 6800, TruMedic MC1000, Infinity Escape


Full featured, compact, low intensity massages, casual massage chair designed to fit your home, Airbnb or office when space is a concern.


Traditional massage chairs are built big as one size-fits all to suit the most number of users but result in a poor massage for petite or slim users. This massage chair is best for users from 4'8 to 6'3  for slim to average builds.

For medium strength and a compact massage chair consider the Urban Slim or if you prefer a stronger (deep tissue) style massage consider our full size, luxury high end massage chair, the Meditation 3D.


Size- 58" L x 30" W x 40" H (in) Upright 

Size- 71” L x 30” W x 33” H (in) Reclined

User Height - 4'8 - 6'2 ft

User Weight - 75 - 250 lb

Max Recline angle- 170 degrees

Rollers- 4

Heat- on Back 

Colors- White&Black, Black&Black, Sand Beige/Brown, Brown/Brown

Net Wt/Gross Wt- 196 lb/235 lb


Shipping Package Dimension

Comes in 1 box. 

62" x 33.5" x 34" inches



4 Rollers for back massage

Long L shape rail design to massage buttocks

Foot Rollers

Lumbar Heat

Zero Gravity position

Slides forward to save space

Body scan for custom massage

Air pressure massage on shoulder, waist, arm, buttock, calf and foot

Yoga Stretch for Spine Relief

Auto programs - Quick relaxation, Hot Rocks, Yoga, Stretching,  Recovery, Pain Relief, Relaxation,


Competitor Models at this price range will short you in one or many of the following ways

  • Offer short S Track or even worse Fixed (static) massager vibrator heads that don't move vs. rollers that go in and out and up and down ensuring highest coverage of your back running on a Long L Track from neck to top of thighs

  • No Foot rollers for foot reflexology

  • No Shoulder massage

  • No Lumbar heat

  • Limited Auto programs

  • No US-based customer support

Space Rider Side view.jpg

Slim & Compact - Less Space, More Massage

Unlike traditional bulky massagers that compromise massage quality for petite and slimmer people by designing to fit the most number of people, The Space Ride is exclusively designed to fit petite to average build people. Think of it as a Small- Medium fit. Its also the smallest massage chair that is loaded with all the features of the big chairs.


Space Ride.jpg

Automatic Full Body Massage Therapy Chair

Luxurious Massager Chair that scans your body and then does an automatic massage of neck, shoulder, back, buttocks with rollers moving up and down your back. Massages hands, legs and feet with gently squeezing airbags, Rollers under feet provide foot therapy.  



Smart Body Scan & Accupoint Detection

Automatically scans your body to identify vital points depending on height, weight and adjusts massage accordingly to remove fatigue


L Track 2.jpg

L or also called SL Track 

The most advanced SL track - curved S track + long L track massages your buttock and glutes and allows the body lay flat instead of with bent legs. 

Rollers to hit more target points simultaneously 


Different Massage Techniques & Heating

Set 10 min, 20 or 30 min massage

5 massage modes including kneading, tapping, shiatsu (deep finger style massage) and knocking

Airbags replicate human massages for shoulders, hands, legs and feet

Adjustable speed, intensity and roller width for the most customizable massage

Can set heat to On or Off




Yoga Stretching

Unique to Osada is a Yoga Stretching mode in which the chair stretches your body like no human masseuse ever could. This relieves the pressure in your back and helps discard body toxins and increases blood circulation.  


Automatic Programs

Automatic Programs include Recovery, Pain Relief, Yoga Stretching

SS 6.jpg

Fits everyone with Leg Rest Extension

Accommodates various body types—especially good for petite, slim and seniors. Best for users from 4'11 to 6'3 in height, under 250 lbs in weight. Seating 20” wide, Shoulder area 22” wide

The leg rest can extend or retract to fit taller people comfortably.  

Space Ride White-Red.jpg

Zero Gravity & Space Saving

Reclines flat to give you the lowest stress position-  according to NASA this is called zero gravity where the feet are above the heart position.

Space Saving - Instead of reclining backwards which would require space behind chair, this chair slides forward reducing the space required behind it 

Remote 1.jpg


Fully adjustable and simple to use remote control.  Easy to see high brightness screen. Easy UI with lots of features easily accessible with menu buttons.